The world needs you. Now, the world may not exactly realize it, but wow, does it need you. It is yearning, starving, dying for you and your healing offer of service through your Art. We need you to help us understand that which is bigger than ourselves, so that we can stop feeling so small, so isolated, so helpless that, in our fear, we stop contributing that which is unique to us: that distinct, rare, individual quality which the world is desperately crying out for and eagerly awaiting. We need you to remind us what unbridled, unfiltered, childlike exuberance feels like, so we remember, without apology or disclaimer, to laugh, to play, to FLY and to stop taking EVERYTHING so damn seriously.”

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Mexico City performance to be streamed live at 8pm ET tonight!

Tune in via tonight and see Joyce DiDonato in performance with pianist Craig Terry, from the historic Palacio de Bellas Artes in Mexico City. The stream broadcasts online from 8pm-10pm ET, and will feature a programme including Ravel’s Shéhérazade, “Bel raggio lusinghier” from Rossini’s SemiramideTres tonadillas by Granados, De España vengo (da zarzuela El niño judío) by Luna. The duo also performs classical song arrangements by Mr. Terry, including “Caro mio ben” and “Se tu m’ami,” as well as American standards such as Kern & Hammerstein’s “Can’t help lovin’ dat man” and Gershwin’s “I love a piano.”

‘Joyce DiDonato Unforgettable In Buenos Aires’

Seen and Heard International
by Jonathan Spencer Jones
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“Joyce DiDonato’s concerts for Mozarteum Argentino are becoming something of a tradition, taking place every other year with the latest the third.

Comparing the programmes for these there are in each the ‘core’ pieces from Handel and Rossini – two composers for which she has become especially well known on the opera stage … In contrast this latest pair of concerts had a somewhat more ‘modern’ feel, from the zarzuela of Pablo Luna to impressionist Ravel, showing yet another facet of the voice and talent of this wonderful singer.


“Joyce DiDonato: the lady of opera in Lima”

“It was then time for the exciting rondo Tanti affetti in such a moment, from the opera La Donna del Lago. “Pyrotechnics” – vocal coloratura, breath control, modulation … in short, all the virtuosity of Joyce DiDonato in an extraordinary conclusion …

She left all attendees marveled by this recital. Both Joyce DiDonato as Craig Terry conquered the Lima public and proved perfect allies in this unforgettable musical evening … Thanks to both Joyce DiDonato and Craig Terry. We hope they return soon … and if they do, also, for a full opera, much better!”


‘How the Arts Are Spreading in One of America’s Most Notorious Prisons’

Vision Times
by Colin Fredericson
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Grammy award-winning vocalist Joyce DiDonato brought her talents to one of America’s most notorious prisons to help inmates write and perform their own original compositions.

Sing Sing Correctional Facility is famous for executions. Before 1972, 614 people were put to the electric chair. The chair was later moved to another prison where it has remained out of use.


“A voice that amazes” – critically acclaimed recitals at the Teatro Colón

“A voice that amazes – Our opinion: exquisite

Given its history and its present, and with intact memories of the glorious concerts that it had offered two and four years ago, always for the Mozarteum, everything happened as predicted and on a wet and dreary night, Joyce DiDonato, once again amazed the audience with her singing, with her presence and with her art. But there was something else. There was also a purpose, and no less, to surprise, to wonder, at its best, to come and join in all the marvels they knew that DiDonato would unfold on the stage . . .”


Opera desde hoy heralds Joyce’s recital at the Teatro Colón

Opera desde hoy

“With an attractive program the mezzo-soprano presented for the third time her histrionic agility. She showed her versatility, formed by Spanish songs of different scope, a work of Ravel, classic Italian arias and two great moments of Rossini operas plus three encores. She used her voice extensively, increasingly rich in the high register with a technique that allowed her to always cope naturally in a program performed for two consecutive nights. Meanwhile everything in-between was in a conversational tone, expressed in Italian, English, French and Castilian with her proverbial sympathy. The pianist Craig Terry was also instrumental in the musical excellence, he surprised with his quality of touch. This time DiDonato showed us a new facet with Shéhérazade, Ravel’s work better known in its orchestral version, which was heard in sudden victories, and also expressed with delicacy, without excluding the brave voice and always smooth top.”


Joyce DiDonato: “Hay algo muy especial en llegar finalmente a Perú”

Ópera Perú

Desde que inició su carrera hace década y media, Joyce DiDonato, la mezzosoprano de Kansas que ha alcanzado la cima de la lírica, no pierde esa esencia de chica sencilla de un pequeño pueblo. Su personalidad es su mayor atractivo, esa forma de comunicarse directamente con su audiencia a través de las redes, y conduciendo las famosas transmisiones en vivo desde el Met. Además de haberlas protagonizado muchas veces. DiDonato hoy es una de las mezzosopranos mas fascinantes del mundo y el éxito en ventas de sus grabaciones, así como sus roles protagónicos en los grandes teatros lo reflejan.


Recital tour through South America and Mexico

Joyce travels on an extensive recital tour this month with pianist Craig Terry, at renowned venues throughout South America and Mexico. They perform at the Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires on April 18 & 19; Santiago’s Teatro CorpArtes on April 21; the Gran Teatro Nacional in Lima on April 23; the Teatro Municipal de Rio de Janeiro on April 28; Mexico City’s Palacio de Bellas Artes on April 30; and Quito’s Teatro Nacional Sucre on May 3.


Haendel’s ‘Hercules’ – High Definition Blu-ray release

Joyce DiDonato stars as Déjanire in a newly released high definition Blu-ray disc of Haendel’s Hercules, with the Orchestre des Arts Florissants and Maestro William Christie. This spectacular staging, directed by Luc Bondy, features a spectacular cast including William Shimel, Ingela Bohlia, Malena Ernmann, and Toby Spence, performed at the Opéra national de Paris in 2004. Purchase your copy today via Bel Air Classiques, and enjoy this video preview via YouTube.

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2 hours ago

And I'm following you in Galápagos! Stunning! Will await an inspired ceviche recipe from you!!!

19 hours ago

The honor of singing in Quito ...

19 hours ago

A very special evening in Quito, collecting kilos of donations in the aid effort. It was an honor to be there!

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We need you to remind us what empathy is by taking us deep into the hearts of those who are, God forbid, different than us – so that we can recapture the hope of not only living in peace with each other, but THRIVING together in a vibrant way where each of us grows in wonder and joy.

~ Joyce DiDonato