“With a line-up of such first-class singers, vocal delivery was consistently excellent. Joyce DiDonato, reprising the role of Sister Helen, displayed a magnificent range of emotions, capturing frustration, piety, simplicity, anger and, above all, humanity.”


“DiDonato’s Sister Helen compelled total belief, the beauty of her singing flowed with the naturalness of ordinary speech …”


“… Joyce DiDonato, who sings and acts with unfailing sincerity.”

-The Telegraph

“As ever the committed artist, Joyce DiDonato knows how to maximise the potential of her role as Sister Helen …”

-The Stage UK

“DiDonato has lived with and grown with this role since 2002, and it shows. Heggie’s grateful vocal writing and McNally’s just-this-side-of-sentimentalism show off the best of this generous stage-creature … an exhilarating performance.”

-The Arts Desk

“You sense the piece will survive in the repertoire thanks to its strong central role of Sister Helen, a role initially associated with Susan Graham and which Joyce DiDonato has sung since 2002. It presents a contemporary diva with a powerful, contemporary role, beautifully written for the voice and full of intense drama. Joyce DiDonato clearly identifies with the role and her performance transcended … to create a powerful drama. Particularly in the later scenes when the relationship with Michael Mayes’ strongly etched Joseph De Rocher becomes more intense.”

-Planet Hugill