Today is Joyce DiDonato’s 50th birthday – and here are all the reasons why we’re head-over-heels in love with her.

  1. She’s outspoken – and totally unapologetic about itWatch video on ClassicFM
  2. She uses her celebrity to do good in the world
  3. Her voice is ridiculously agile
  4. She dresses like a rockstar

    Joyce DiDonato. Photo: Simon Pauly

  5. Once, she slipped and broke her leg during a performance of The Barber of Seville in Covent Garden – and completed the remainder of the run in a wheelchair.
    Proof that Joyce is, in fact, superhuman.
  6. She gives super-inspiring speeches
  7. She has awesome hair

    Joyce DiDonato and Antonio Pappano open Wigmore Hall’s new season

  8. She was once asked to open the World Series with The Star-Spanged Banner
    Do you think she nailed it? (hint: yes)
  9. She’s awesome at social media
  10. And she sings Handel like this.

    Joyce, you’re the greatest.