An internationally acclaimed mezzo-soprano, Joyce DiDonato continues to enchant the audience, wherever she performs. Last Friday, the artist brought her new project “In War and Peace” to Beijing. Her concert explores some dramatic tensions through a powerful interpretation of Baroque arias.

“In the midst of chaos, how do you find peace?” Joyce DiDonato’s award-winning project In War and Peace: Harmony through Music has finally arrived at Beijing’s National Center for the Performing Arts.

During this concert, the singer’s warm, powerful and mesmerizing voice, becomes immersed in the vibrant sea of Baroque music, exploring the dichotomy of discord and harmony during times of war.

“It’s with a very strong idea of engaging the audience confronting the audience and my self to look at the world around me and say is there a way we can participate in the creation of peace,” Didonato said.

“I don’t have much control over many of the things, the politics, the division around the world but what I have control over is myself, and how I nurture a sense of peace within myself and people around me,” Didonato told CGTN.

In the first half, DiDonato expressed vengeful fears, inner chaos, and frustrating battles through such arias as “Scenes of Horror, Scenes of Woe” by Handel, accompanied by the modern orchestra, Il pomo d’oro.

For the second half, she presented works including “They Tell Us That Your Mighty Powers” by Purcell, “Augelletti, Che Cantate” and “Dopo Notte” by Handel.

The concert is accomplished by live theatrical performance, dance and a multimedia presentation. DiDonato makes clear she wants to challenge the audience with something different.

“I want to challenge the audience, in a way to actually make them a little feel nervous. Because in the classical music world, there’a formula in place that feels automatic,” said Didonato.

“There’s a time for this, But I felt like this project is so important, capable of emotional impact for the audience. I don’t want anyone to have an automatic response,” Didonato added.

After Beijing, Didonato will continue her tour in Hong Kong and Taipei, before concluding in Abu Dhabi on January 24.

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