The highlight of the night, though, was Joyce DiDonato as Marguerite. Wearing a gorgeous green frock and swaying to the music, DiDonato sang with beauty that grabs you by the throat. “Le roi de Thule” was sung with great elegance, and “D’amour, l’ardent flamme” with intense longing. The tragedy here is that Marguerite does not get nearly the amount of stage time that she deserves, but DiDonato made the most of it.”

Christie Franke –

“Appearing on stage in a beautiful emerald green dress, the great Joyce DiDonato offers Marguerite just as expected: sensual, fiery, with superb range. . . her ‘hélas!’ – which was sublime – and ‘D’amour l’ardente flame’ are chilling (and even cause for some tears …): this is such an incredible triumph . . . “

Emmanuel Andrieu – Opera-Online

Joyce DiDonato embodies a vibrant and passionate Margaret, with torrential power and infinite breath . . .”

Michel Thomé – ResMusica