Classical Up Close: Joyce DiDonato & The Brentano String Quartet


Q&A with Ms. Hill’s Music Students

How do you handle loneliness on the road?

Master Class Q&A: Juilliard School of Music

Breath “Support”

Fach / Diet / Exercise ~ All for Willie Sullivan

Patter and Such

“Express Yourself” (expressing in Bel Canto)

“Enchanted Island” Q&A for Ms. Hill’s Elementary School

La “Global” Donna del Lago

That persistant, inner voice

Q&A For Rosa Parks Elementary School

How to handle nerves

Young Artist Tips?

The Director’s Cut (Leonard Foglia) Part 1

The Director’s Cut (Leonard Foglia) Part 2

“Audition Advice” (Director’s Cut) Part 3

Role Preparation: PART 2!! (Imagination!)

Vlog 7: “How do you prepare for a new role?”

Vlog 6: “How do you keep the faith?”

Vlog 5: “What’s on your ipod?”

Vlog 4: Being a Musician

Vlog 3: How do I chose a graduate program?

Vlog 2: Listening, $$, and Future!

Vlog 1: “What is your favorite role?”

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