You simply could not script these kinds of things.

So after an impromptu stop in New York City without my luggage, (with beautiful weather, thank you very much!) I climbed back onto Continental Airlines, and everything looked to be in great shape – that great weather, flights on-time, no frantic passengers or workers! I was home free.

The passengers get settled, the door is closed, we are ready for take-off …. wait a minute. The pilot is speaking. “What is he saying?” “No. Seriously. What is he talking about???”

“Ladies and Gentlemen, we are all ready to go here on flight 144 to Madrid, but there is just one little hitch that we have to take care of before we can pull away from the gate: the baggage handlers down below in the cargo area have seen a Snapping Turtle which must have escaped during the previous flight on this aircraft, which came in from Florida. They’ve got to try and catch him before we take off here, and apparently he’s proving to be a stubborn little thing. We’ve called animal control.”

An hour later, they apparently got him to safety, and we were on our way.


I walked off the plane today at 12:00, sat for over an hour in Madrid lunchtime traffic, freshened up in 20 minutes and was off to an interview and a full day of rehearsals. I’m exhausted, but the games have officially begun!


A snapping turtle on the loose.