So one of the great things about enforced rest, is it gives you a chance to catch up on all important things like surfing you-tube. I mean, “doing research” on you-tube. Happily, performances on wheelchairs are documented a fair amount, but obviously not a single one comes close to the perfection of Delores DeLago (I wonder if she is the orginal Donna del Lago??):

A big thank you to Neil Gillespie for capturing a bit of the event on Tuesday night from the sidelines. Neil is not only one of the members of the stellar ROH Chorus, but is also a wonderful photographer and the mind and lens behind the Naked Calendar for Charity, featuring workers and stars of the Royal Opera and Ballet! I’m honored to be included in his list of subject (and relieved to have my clothes on!)

I’m staying quite quiet today, which I need – gives me some time to process the brilliant play we took in last night, “Waiting for Godot”. It was a masterful performance from Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellan, and certainly helped me see that I don’t have it that bad, all things considered! As I say, “It’s ALL good!!!” Anyone near London should definitely try to get tickets!!