My only day of rehearsal with the LSO and Maestro Gergiev for my debut as Marguerite in Berlioz’s masterpiece “Damnation de Faust” just came to an end. I wish the clock had not marched forward (even if my jet lag was begging differently!). Gergiev’s complete mastery of this piece, in sublime combination with the orchestra’s innate and uncanny way with Berlioz’s near demented, yet utterly enthralling music was nearly too much for me. How those strings can find SUCH a clear unison, such a sizzling warmth in the most miniscule of piano’s, I’ll never know, but I most certainly did not want it to end!!! This is the sign of a brilliant orchestra to me: when the whole is absolutely integrated and seamless, and yet the moment a solo passage steps up, you know you’re listening to the best in the world take the lead for that brief moment.

This past year alone I have worked with some of the greatest Maestri in the world, and Gergiev’s intense, yet subtle influence confirms for me my strong desire for a great Maestro: someone who INSPIRES.

Thank you Maestro, thank you wonderful LSO, and thank you wonderful colleagues – what a JOY and a privilege to make music together!

PS – most sadly, I don’t believe any radio broadcast is planned; this is one for the ticket holders – my apologies to those of you outside of the hall…