I’m completely wiped out, so not many words here, just a few snapshots of the happenings.

Recording is such a complex process replete with so many emotions: a myriad of observations about music, myself, and these amazing characters; so much intensity of concentration in a condensed period of time; so much JOY to be given this chance to record music I love so very much. I jog up and down the 2 flights of stairs with the Maestro to the sound booth to listen to our latest “take” and we’re both overcome with enthusiasm for the music, bubbling over with explorations of colors and character choices – oh, it really is a marvelous thing. Made even more marvelous by the OUTSTANDING (and I truly mean OUTSTANDING) orchestra. The Accademia di Santa Cecilia is a very special group of musicians, and having their contribution on this disc is an unbelievable gift. They bring a real gravitas to this project, and it’s precisely what I was hoping for!!

3 days down, 2 to go – my voice is holding up quite well, but it’s my body that gets completely and utterly devastated in this process – which of course means the breath becomes a challenge. This afternoon was rough in that regard, but it’s astonishing to me each time I feel that I’m wavering, the energy of the music takes hold, and somehow the strength comes!

Let’s hope it holds out 2 more days!!! There’s still so much excitement to come!!!

An overall view of the Auditorium where we are recording – a beautiful hour was spent here with the video crew doing a promo for the disc. (Yes, this process is not only about the music!) But it was a lovely day and a gorgeous panorama of the city:

The Maestro at work:

One of the band at work:

After hours: