…only until I get better. Wish I knew what has decided to take up a most unwelcome residence in my chest cavity, but I can’t quite get a hold of it! However, it means the only interesting photo I’d be able to snap while homebound today would be of my cup of hot tea – which I tried to actually capture in some interesting, meaningful way, but it was not cooperating! So – I continue to rest, for I’d love to be able to sing 100% tomorrow night for the ticket-buyers, as well as some dear friends who are travelling here to see the show!

Come on meds – DO YOUR JOB!!! (Most sadly, I’m even missing Rolando’s recital here in Barcelona because of this stupid thing! I wish him EVERY success tonight – I know the entire theater will be cheering him on.)

I HAVE been able to finally finish my copy of “Cold Sassy Tree” (along with the last of my kleenex – what a tear jerker!), and to catch up on loads of translating – so those are other possible subjects for photos, but it’s just not in me today!

Off for another steaming cup o’ tea!