I’m BACK!!!! So I unofficially suspended the posting of gratitude pictures (but not the gratitude!) for the past week or so, simply out of necessity. 5 performances in 4 cities in 9 days kept me a bit occupied. Not only was I grateful to survive the week and to enjoy my concerts so completely, but at the end of it, MAN was I GRATEFUL to see the first signs of spring after my final stop in Philly. It even made up for the fact that I missed the opportunity to find a real Philly pretzel!!! I just stood under this blooming tree and gazed – oh, it felt GOOD!!!! The blue sky, the white buds, the hope, the possibility!!! I’m happy to have my camera out of its bag, to have travelled safely, and to have seen so many friends and colleagues along the way! I’m back, and most definitely grateful!