I’m grateful for fabulous colleagues! Our 12-performance run of “Barbiere” in Chicago came to an end last night, and it was a marvelous group of people with which to spend 2 months of my life! From the enthusiastic backstage crew, to the remarkable rehearsal department gang (no request too obscure for them!), to the wonderful cast. I count my blessings that I’m an opera singer today when many colleagues have learned to listen on the stage! For example, the Rosina-Figaro duet in Act 1 was a blast to play with the immensely talented Nathan Gunn – each night the scene played out slightly differently, because we were listening and reacting, making it possible to PLAY the scene as if it were … a play! The time (almost!) always flies on a production, and while most folks are usually ready to move onto the next project, a run like this is always hard to say goodbye to.

Me? I have a 4 hour rehearsal today with my accompanist for our first recital tomorrow – preparing for a week with 4 recitals in 7 days…no rest for the weary!

Happy Easter, everyone!