I’m stumped. I’m completely at a loss for good photos, because every single day here in Chicago, it is FREEZING cold, snowy, slushy and essentially unwalk-able (at least for a singer trying to stay somewhat healthy and warm-ish!) Leaving the theater tonight, it was a bit warmer and snowing in the most beautiful, soft, symphonic way – but I was too busy dodging 4-inch puddles of mush everywhere to take out my camera and capture the fogged in city. So tonight I came home a made a cup of my MOST favorite tea (not plugging here, but how GREAT is this Aveda tea?!?! ), and while the photo may seem uninspired or poorly composed, I was too eager to actually drink it, (and yes, slightly sulky that I am not getting the opportunity to take photos like I did in Barcelona!), that I snapped it, and soaked up the goodness of a hot cup of tea on a cold, blustery evening. It was perfection.