I’m grateful to be singing (or, I should say, rehearsing at this point) in a show that is a complete BLAST to be a part of, full of laughs and old-time gags, with the fingerprints of all the greats who have been in this show for the past 20 years. This is another production that Frederica von Stade debuted a number of years ago (and yes, I still have that “Are you kidding me?” moment when I think about it…), but also the great Claudio Desderi inventing brilliant stage moment after brilliant stage moment. I love hearing the stories from the great and incomparable director, John Copley, relaying how they came up with the ‘stick in the *ss moment’, or how the lingerie bits came into play; it’s a true testament to the brilliant artists who debuted this show some 20 years ago for me to be able to step into it and feel completely at home. A whacky home, yes – but home nonetheless!