I haven’t been posting too many ‘portraits’ for this Gratitude Journal, simply because I don’t ever want someone to think that if their photo isn’t posted I’m not grateful for them – not at all! But I snapped this photo tonight of the beautiful Adela Rocha who is on staff of the Liceu Theater (in the press department, actually) and while I am grateful for her boundless energy and infectious enthusiasm, it makes me think further of how very many people are behind the scenes of the theater all working together to bring a 3 hour show to the public. It’s easy for the audience to think it’s all about the singers at the end of the night, but we really are just a part of the entire machinery to bring our piece to life. This beautiful face is one of the many who help this theater sell out all our shows – and indeed, I am grateful! (Graçias, Guapa!)