I’m grateful for my first bonafide, authentic, far-off-the-Ramblas tapas meal. A local friend recommended this place, and I lost track after roughly 20 dishes of assorted meats, salads, and various sundry creations split between the table of 9. We sampled everything, savoring each different flavor and variety of vegetable and sausage, and did not leave the table hungry. It is quite possible, however, that after all the plates were cleared, my favorite remained the simple pa amb tomàquet, prepared by the diner, himself: fresh bread rubbed with garlic and fresh tomato, sprinke with salt and drizzle with olive oil. Perfection.

The meal was the perfect finish to an incredibly delightful evening in the theater: Joan Font (creator of the Comediants, and director of our “Cenerentola” at the Liceu) invited us to his showing of “Tren de somnis” in the Teatre Nacional de Cataluyna. It was truly a special creation, centering around the old silent movies of, primarily, Buster Keaton, with modern score and modern spin. What a discovery to see those old silent films brought to light again. The main topic of discussion at dinner was how MUCH can be done with so LITTLE money and so little ‘tools’ – the imagination and creativity of a Keaton puts to shame most modern filmmakers who have the entire technological world at their fingertips, but with sadly little creativity.

Where is the age of enlightenment when we need it?