I’m immensely grateful for the life and compositions of Fernando J Obradors! I think one of the most beautiful songs ever written was set by him:


“Del cabello más sutil
Que tienes en tu trenzado
He de hacer una cadena
Para traerte a mi lado.
Una alcarraza en tu casa,
Chiquilla, quisiera ser,
Para besarte en la boca,
Cuando fueras a beber.”

“Of the softest hair
which you have in your braid,
I would make a chain
so that I may bring you to my side.
A jug in your home,
little one, I would like to be…
so that I may kiss you
each time you take a drink.”

Recording his pieces for ¡PASIÓN! was such a dream – and they are pieces I truly never tire of. I happily walked down his street today (avoiding the drug pushers, of course, but that’s another story!)

Muchas gracias, Señor!