I am grateful for a beautiful walk to work and for palm trees in December!

It’s funny to me also, that after nearly 3 days of rehearsing here in Barcelona, almost all the opera is up on its feet! (As opposed to the 3 weeks we took to stage it last time around!) I appreciate so much the patience and willingness of the director, Joan Font, to integrate the different personalities into ‘his’ production – something which not all directors are always willing to concede. This time around we have a good mixture of veterans (“there’s some Peruvian tenor who apparently has made a name for himself singing this repertoire”, she says with tongue firmly in cheek) and newbies, (a Spanish baritone debuting as Dandini – NOT an easy role!) For me, stepping back into the shoes of Angelina is such a welcome, wonderful fit, and it reminds me (once again!) the importance of repeating roles – and repeating them – and repeating them. It’s so wonderful to have my mind free of the musical intricacies (aside from working on a few new variations) and technicalities of the role, and simply being able to PLAY her. That is when freedom can spring up, and freedom on stage can be such a magical quality!


*The Plaza Real, Barcelona

*Joan Font, in an elevator at the Liceu