Each time I get to a new city, usually I’m renting an unfamiliar apartment. Most times pictures have been sent ahead of my signing the leasing contract, but more often than not the pictures depict a scenario far from the reality of the actual dwelling place, painting it in a much (much!) more flattering light than it deserves. Then begins the struggle of finding everything you need, orientating yourself with the surroundings, getting used to the odd smells, and sadly, knowing that the bed will be far from comfortable – simply because it is not your own. What a surprise and a delight, then, to find this apartment in which the pictures underplayed the comfort and space of my new ‘home’, and waiting for me were fresh flowers and a heaping bowl of fresh fruit, just the thing this spent, jewel-less, jet-lagged singer needs to boost her immune system! Fresh orange juice, anyone?!?!?!?