So, I’m playing around with a new format for the blog here – trying to find a way to get a better display for some of my photos…it will most likely be a work in progress for a bit, but for now:

Gratitude - Day 167
I’m grateful for the wonderful mind and talent of Michael Yeargan – the wizard of set design! I have stood on a number of his beautiful sets before, but have never had the pleasure of meeting him, until this particular production of Beatrice and Benedict here in Houston. He radiates joy, enthusiasm and imagination, and that is perfectly translated into his gorgeous designs – the kinds that make you want to jump into the middle of it and BE a part of the show. It’s such a wonderful bonus to see someone who ENJOYS their work so very much!

We had a wonderful sitzprobe this evening: our Maestro elicits a wonderful tapestry of colors from the orchestra (I KNEW that hearing the gossamer orchestration would bump up my enthusiasm level!), and he brings a special energy and delicacy to the piece, which also adds perfectly to the mix! One week to opening!!!