Gratitude - Day 162

I’m grateful for behind-the-scenes access. I don’t mean to brag, but it is true that one of the big perks of being a singer is being able to wander into other exciting rehearsals, to watch the birth of a new production, and simply to sit back and bathe in glorious music.

I finished the staging of Beatrice’s aria about an hour early yesterday, which allowed me to pop into the sitzprobe for Cav/Pag. (I missed the Cav, but heard a good portion of the Pag.) Onstage was the world-class Houston Grand Opera Chorus, and they sounded like a million bucks in this music, and it just hit me how fortunate I was to sit back, and enjoy this nearly private concert of music that I’ll never ever get the chance to sing – it’s another world, this "verismo" universe, and I enjoy so much getting a peak into their huge voices and blood-and-guts stories!