So, my last day of gratitude before hopping a plane to a long, wonderful, delicious vacation. You won’t hear much from me for the next few weeks – my computer needs a vacation as well, but I’ll catch up where I left off (day 150 when I return!), probably with a ridiculous number of photos of beaches and landscapes and blue sky, wine bottles and grapes and olives, and sunscreen! Thank you all so much for your support over the past season – it has been one of incredible intensity, reward and discovery for me, and I thank you for taking the journey with me!

As I sign off for the time being, I am grateful for this reminder of whom I’ll have to be paying homage to in preparation for my first big role back: my very first Donna Elvira. (Which, by the way, the opening night will be broadcast LIVE – that’s right, my FIRST EVER Donna Elvira broadcast LIVE in theaters across Europe – on September 8. I know it will be here before any of us knows it, but before then, there is some serious “lazy” on order!)