I’m grateful for the brilliance of the Europa Galante Orchestra, under the direction and inspiration of Fabio Biondi. We all met up in the HEIGHT of the HEAT here in Florence, Italy – our first meeting; there’s truly nothing quite like jumping into the fire and making glorious music together from the very first downbeat! However, I will say that trying to find inspiration to sing about cool breezes on long, floaty, languid lines and NOT have them go flat and lag in tempo in this heat and humidity and thick, heavy air is a challenge of the first order, but I think we managed.

The group is dedicated, positive, uplifting, full of spirit, ideas and imagination and a complete joy to work with! Happily, we also had a great audio team on board to capture everything, and I trust that the final result will be something DEFINITELY worth waiting for. Of course, I can’t speak in detail about the project, but I will tell you some of the lucky participants will be back in January to finish the project! (Lucky dogs – cooler temperatures and fewer tourists!!!) And I will also say that should you save your pennies and splurge on it, it will most assuredly be worth the wait!