I’m grateful for bold, uninhibited displays of sheer joy.

This little energy bundle, belonging to a fellow cast member, rarely stands still for a single, solitary second, so actually capturing him in a non-blurred moment was nothing short of a miracle. (I’m not kidding – I probably took close to 80 shots, and got this ONE good one! It was exhausting!) However, this expression seems to embody the pure, unadulterated joy of life, and nothing less – and I plan on returning to it as often as I need to, to be reminded of the good life!

There are two casts here in Madrid, both taking at stab at this opera, and last night was our only shared evening off, so we took ripe advantage and had a tapas/wine party. Laughter was the theme of the evening (mostly due to this rambunctious one), and we all enjoyed kicking up our heels here in the dry, Madrid HEAT.

How can you not be grateful for something this fabulous? ¡Olè!