Once again, resuming where I left off. (At this point my “365 day project” will take me a decade!) But I digress.

I’m grateful for the best hamburger in the universe, or at least that I’ve ever tasted. Having sampled this particular divine creation 2 summers ago, it was first on my list of where I wanted to dine, hands down. It’s one of those meals that the minute you start thinking about it, the craving builds and builds, and nothing can talk you down from the ledge. The restaurant is called “Bobcat Bite” and it’s a little slice of Southwestern heaven.

It used to be one of the original trading posts on the Santa Fe Trail, then became a gun shop, probably a few other things, and then this restaurant. The name comes from its history of feeding the bobcats which used to wander up to the back screen door for scraps.

The specialty is their “Green Chili Cheeseburger”. For those of you who don’t know about Green Chili or haven’t yet made it to Santa Fe, it’s a spicy chili that they put on everything. And I mean EVERYTHING – from eggs to tortillas to cheeseburgers. Now I’m not a huge green chili fan, nor am I a big hamburger fan – even being from Kansas! – but whatever it is the folks at this gem of a dive do to this burger, well, they had me at “may I take your order?”

Gratitude abounds – even if it is with a side of grease!!