Gratitude - Day 127
Once again, a reminder pops up to discreetly remind me how many people it takes to put on a show. The audience for this show sees 5 "Principal Artists", or cast members, a chorus of about 40, and 20 or so "extras" that do the fight scene at the end of Act 1 so wonderfully, among other things – trained by the brilliant Bernard Chabin, plus the Conductor and orchestra members. But I remind you (again, sorry!) that there are SO many more people behind the scenes, many more than appear on the front of the stage – from makeup artists to technicians to stagehands to lighting guys to costume makers to the lady who serves the coffee at the canteen! Some of them do their job just because it’s their job, and that’s perfectly fine. Some, however, go above and beyond, and some (I’m assuming – but could be wrong) "lady" not only tagged my shirt in my costume (keeping it from getting mixed up with, let’s say Tebaldo’s), but did it with the most perfect stitches giving this sad, black, ordinary cotton t-shirt a real boost of character, this under shirt that no one ever sees. Trust me – you don’t often see THAT kind of detail and attention – that’s a sign of someone who loves their work. (Or, was extremely bored, but I favor the former possibility.) I’m grateful for the hands that took the time to do this.

Here’s a quick pic of me with my “All-knowing Sword Guru”, Bernard – he has been a big help on this show, helping me feel at home wielding that (not very light!) sword around at various singers.