Gratitude - Day 117
I’m grateful for support.

Yesterday was a big debut for me at the Paris Opera as I was singing the role of "Romeo" for the first time – a rather daunting undertaking, as it’s truly "big girl singing" … despite the fact that, yes, it’s a "male" role – and the amount of support I felt around me was quite overwhelming and MOST welcome. I received the most beautiful flowers I’ve probably ever received (thank you, "Operafan"!) and my record company, EMI, which won, HANDS DOWN, the award for the most unbelievably enormous (and I do mean E-NOR-MOUS – as in “barely fit in the taxicab” enormous) beautiful bouquet full of roses, gladiolas, hyacinths and these gorgeous, stunning peonies – perhaps my new favorite flower!!!

I was extremely touched by the generosity, not only of the flower-givers, but of the chorus, the orchestra, the cast, the crew – it was one of those evenings where you felt everyone was WILLING it to be a special, beautiful, meaningful show – and by the audience’s reaction, I take it that the mission was, in fact, "accomplished". Merçi beaucoup, a tous – including the wonderful comments here from you all – it’s terribly thoughtful of you! More soon …