Gratitude - Day 113
(So, I think this catches me up on my postings…)

I’m grateful for falling in love.

It doesn’t always happen to me. Sometimes I want it to happen, but the chemistry just isn’t there. Sometimes I am sure it won’t happen, and it sneaks up on me out of nowhere. Sometimes I know it will happen, but when it actually does remains unknown.

Today it snuck up on me, and I fell in love with my newest role. I knew I would fall for this Capulet sooner or later – it’s Bellini, it’s Italian, it’s ROMEO – what’s not to love? But I know I can’t ever force the issue with new roles, or music in general – it will only ever happen when it happens, not a moment sooner.

Today I sang through the final scene for the very first time with the conductor. I’m hooked. I’m done. There is no turning back. I’m a goner. He has my complete and total devotion, this one. I mean are you KIDDING me with this music? Are you kidding me that I get to SING this? Yes – I’m completely done for!