I’m grateful for standing ovations of 1! The “Furore” recording finished up early yesterday, and the champagne was popped with members of the orchestra to toast and celebrate, and then everyone went their separate ways, and it dawned on me that I was ravenous. So I stopped by a fabulous Thai restaurant to satisfy my demanding stomach, and this little girl greeted me! She was absolutely beautiful and adorable and friendly and without a small degree of personality, and in essence, she was my “date” for the night – it made the feeling of “this is totally pathetic, dining alone after such a monumental achievement” (which may be an overstatement, but it’s how I felt at the conclusion of this project…) slightly less acidic. Instead, she blew me a kiss, brought me my change and wished me a ‘bon voyage’. No mistake about it, I was grateful for her smiling face and old-world eyes!