I’m typing this from 33,000 feet somewhere about the Atlantic Ocean, fully aware that I may just be a bit (or a lot, ok!) nuts. I received a call yesterday, 2 hours before my piano dress rehearsal for my first Ariodante, which is set to open one week from today in Geneva. Switzerland, that is. The call was from the adorable Barry Tucker, saying, “I know there is probably NO way this can work, but….”

Fast forward 1 hour and I’m booked on a round trip ticket leaving in 14 hours, arriving in NY 4 hours before the Richard Tucker Gala at Avery Fisher Hall, set to return immediately after the concert, arriving in Geneva tomorrow just in time to step off the plane and into my first orchestra staging rehearsal of that Handel opera back in Geneva. By my calculations, that’s 29 hours. Yes, I know. I’m nuts.

But I love the Tucker Foundation (not only for the obvious reason that I was the 2002 receipient of their generous, incredible award) but more importantly for the unwavering dedication they show for young American singers. Since the timing worked out perfectly, how could I say no? I’m very sorry that Susan Graham is ill and can’t sing, and I’m sure there will be many disappointed opera fans in the hall, but I’m happy that I could jump in, fill in some of the gaps, and take part in what will surely be an exciting afternoon.

Incidently, our piano dress went very well, and I’m beginning to understand the atmosphere our director is going for. Regardless of specifics, it is a TRUE masterpiece, this Ariodante, and to sing a role this intense, complete, profoundly deep and beautiful is what it is all about for me. But for the moment, Ariodante takes a back seat as I revisit Dorabella (Good Lord, how long has it been?), Octavian, and the ever ready Rosina here in NYC.

(And in case any concert goers catch site of this little ‘blurb’, please excuse my dress – I know it’s not appropriate for Octavian to present the Silver Rose in a sequinned gown with a plunging neckline, but I’m afraid my choices were a bit limited on this late notice! Entschuldigung!)