Saluting my ‘inner geek’, I’d like to confess that I really miss being in school. Not so much for the agony of my upper-class crush not returning my love-notes, (just a tinge of bitterness remains!), and not so much for the advanced and painful physics classes that blatantly did NOT contribute to my quest for mathematic success. Truth be told, I REALLY miss the thrill of the unscribbled notebook, the smell of the new binder waiting to be filled with my adolescent grafitti declaring my love for said ‘upper-classman’ (never relinquishing hope that he just might catch a glimpse of my ardent declaration for him and immediately issue an invitation to the Prom), or the heart-stopping endless wait to hear the announcement of what that year’s musical would be. Oh, the DRAMA. It’s August, and my vacation is ending, and I have traded in my Spiral notebooks for freshly copied scores and my yellow highlighter!

Officially I’m still on vacation, but I’m hard at work gearing back up for the coming season, secretly hoping I’ll remember how to actually sing now that I’ve let down for a few glorious weeks. I’ve dabbled in photography (click here to sample my Safari photos), frolicked in the kitchen (how I love the internet’s willingness to help you find new recipes!), and (again: inner geek alert), spent days filing the past 2 years’ worth of programs and photos and cards and music. But the sense of accomplishment in seeing your life take on a quasi-organized quality is, simply put, BLISSFUL!

I’ll still be a bit ‘in absentia’ for the next few weeks, but I just wanted to pop in, say hello, (brag about my Safari photos!), and share the excitement for the coming year. Granted, I’ll miss the rush of opening my new pack of #2 pencils, but I have more than a sneaking suspicion that Handel will help bridge the gap!