Well, so much to tell about tonight’s performance. I don’t know that I have ever experienced an evening quite like this one before – but I’m certain that I have invoked a new policy regarding well-wishers!!

From here on out, I declare that no one (please!) ever ever ever wish me again, in the American fashion (despite it being Independence Day), to:


I understand the good intention, but from here on out, wish me “in the mouth of the wolf” instead, ok? That’s far less likely to actually happen – although with my luck, you never know!

Tonight was an evening for the memory, to be sure, and it had little to do with my falling down and breaking my fibia. Yes – I broke my fibia. Fabulous. But it had a lot more to do with amazing colleagues helping me through every little step, astonishing music making at every single level, hair raising improvising by myself and my ridiculously brilliant cast, and a lot of patience on the part of the public.

“Hey, London – Thank you!!!”

4 hours in the emergency room (Hey, it could have been worse!), and a look of pure astonishment from the doctor who recoiled in a bit of horror as I said I stayed on my foot for nearly 3 hours performing. Ha, silly me – apparently this kind of injury requires absolutely no weight to be put on to it – so I’m crossing my fingers that not too much damage was done! However – the cast is on, the foot is elevated, the pain killers are kicking in, and all is great!!! I’m sure we’ll figure out how to get through these next performances, after all, there is no RULE that says Rosina might not have been suffering from a broken ankle, right? It could happen!!

But before signing off, I have to send out an INCREDIBLE debt of gratitude to my wonderful cast mates (ha – CAST mates!), as well as to the amazing staff of the Royal Opera House who took amazing care of me, and then to simply salute one of the very finest operatic experiences I have ever been a part of. Yes, my ankle is killing me, but someone pinch me, because tonight was oddly sublime!!!

With the incomparable Alessandro Corbelli and Ferruccio Furlanetto, somehow making everything seem ok!

And with Señor Florez who sang an unbelievable “Cessa di piu resistere” all the while being sure to help keep me on my feet. Ah, and the thing that made my night was the flower decoration I found to put on the cast – somehow it helped me swallow the bitter pill of having to hobble my way through this production that I normally run through. Yes, it’s the details that count!

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart and the bottom of my cracked fibia, to everyone for your support and understanding in this! Here’s to a speedy and complete recovery!!!