Time Travel: Via the Royal Waves of Sound

[caption id="attachment_5083" align="alignleft" width="240"] Guest Blogger[/caption] Written for the Huffington Post, Joyce writes about bringing "Drama Queens" to life: Standing on the stage in Bremen, Germany last week for the second stop of my Drama Queens Tour, I had just finished a nearly two-hour marathon of singing about jealousy, revenge, seduction, lust, despair and marching-off-to-sacrifice-myself-to-appease-those-angry-gods (you know how pesky they can be!). {…}

Drama Queens Tour 2012/2013

  03/11/2012 Baden Baden Germany Festspielhaus Baden-Baden 05/11/2012 Bremen Germany Die Glocke Grosser Saal 07/11/2012 Berlin Germany Konzerthaus 09/11/2012 Hannover Germany Grosser NDR-Sendesaal 11/11/2012 Vienna Austria Theater an der Wien 13/11/2012 Essen Germany 16/11/2012 Kansas City, MO USA Folly Theatre 18/11/2012 New York, NY USA Carnegie Hall 20/11/2012 Sonoma, CA USA Green Music Center 02/02/2013 Lisbon Portugal Gulbenkian 04/02/2013 Brussels Belgium Palais des Beaux-Arts 06/02/2013 London UK Barbican Hall 08/02/2013 Paris France  Théâtre des Champs Elysées 10/02/2013 Essen Germany 28/02/2013 Valencia Spain 02/03/2013 Valladolid Spain 04/03/2013 Toulouse France 06/03/2013 Barcelona Spain 08/03/2013 Madrid Spain

Track Listing

Berenice, queen of Palestine 1          Da torbida procella Orlandini   6:05 Ifigenia, princess of Mycenae 2          Madre diletta, abbracciami Porta          7:39 Alcina, a sorceress 3          Ma quando tornerai Handel      4:09 Galsuinde, princess of Spain 4          Lasciami piangere Keiser          5:14 Cleopatra, queen of Egypt 5          Morte col fiero aspetto Hasse  4:09 6          Piangerò la sorte mia Handel   6:45 Orontea, queen of Egypt 7          Intorno all’idol mio Cesti         6:55 Rossane, a Persian princess 8          Brilla nell’alma {…}