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2010 Dec 23. Layering

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2010 Aug 12. Why rain is good

2010 Aug 10. Worst accompanying photos EVER, but it’s the best I can do for the moment!

2010 Aug 09. Look, Norma…

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2010 May 30. Imagination and Gratitude – a tidbit for the aspiring young artists

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2010 Mar 31. Introducing….

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2010 Feb 27. The Miraculous Universal Language

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2010 Feb 03. Karma!!!

2010 Feb 02. Loving it

2010 Jan 23. Good planning!

2010 Jan 23. Music heals

2010 Jan 18. "That’s Amore!!"

2010 Jan 07. “On the wings of love…”

2010 Jan 06. Into the blind night

2010 Jan 05. You call this mercy?

2010 Jan 04. Aaaaaa…

2010 Jan 02. Happy New Year!

2009 Dec 24. A holiday full of thanks

2009 Dec 18. Opera News Awards

2009 Dec 07. Rainy days and Mondays…

2009 Dec 01. Perspective!

2009 Nov 22. Breathing…

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14 Oct

Vielen Dank, Vienna. That's an evening, an experience, a journey I'll never forget ....

14 Oct

Your team brings SUCH great energy to this show. Thanks so much for all your work, Gemma!! #legwarmersRULE

14 Oct

Thank you so much, Steffi!

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It is the thrill of a lifetime to be able to bring Didon to the stage in Berlioz's Les Troyens. Of course, it is an epic work, grand in every sense of the word; but it is the humanity and the intimacy found in this role that is nearly unbearable to me. If you’re near Vienna, I’d recommend not missing it. If you can’t see it live in the house, there will be a live stream on November 4. 🔗 in bio. Photo: Michael Pöhn / Wiener Staatsoper

#HowToVienna #KlassikStyle #Werq #youaremysunshine #bringthelight

If you’re an opera lover, don’t miss this extraordinary film, “Maria by Callas”. You think you knew all there was to know about her, but this documentary will surely surprise you. As I read her letters for the film, I understood her in a way no previous biography or interview has captured. @sonypictures @mariabycallas

Geometric Tuesday .... on my way to the pyre #Vienna #elevatoramusement

Criss-crossing North America, opera lovers have been enthralled by Tom Volf’s highly-praised documentary “MARIA by CALLAS”. If you thought you knew all there was to know about this revered singer, you need to see this film. Giving voice to the heart-wrenching letters she sent to beloved friends was an incredible, humbling experience for me as I helped to tell her story in her own words. In honor of the 40th Anniversary of her passing, do see this film, and gain a deeper, more intimate understanding of the woman behind the diva. #mariabycallas #MariaCallas #NYFF @thenyff

A potent, human reminder of what generosity & kindness look and feel like courtesy of #googledoodles and the timeless #MisterRogers. Brighten your day, your year, and watch #workingwithgoogle

Well, if it’s not a “Two Widows” Reunion!!!!! @operabrandon, what a joy to share the stage with you again after tw%#*y years! And here I am again, a W2BW! (Widow To Be Wooed) Bonus points for anyone who actually attended our *historic* performances in Smetna’s underperformed opera way back in 1998 in #Chautauqua!!! #Chautauqua2Carthage #Smetna2Berlioz #HappilyEverAfter2TotalDestruction

I could not be happier or more excited that our wonderful album of Les Troyens has been named “Recording of the Year” at tonight’s Gramophone Award ceremony. Thank you to the visionary and magical music-making of John Nelson, my fabulous cast members and to @warner_classics for in believing in this project. It has been a pleasure and an extreme privilege to be a part of it. THANK YOU!!! Viva Les Troyens and viva #Berlioz.

Tune in to Great Performances | PBS to watch @metopera #Cendrillon broadcast at 12PM ET today! ✨👠👸 Photo: Paola Kudacki / Met Opera #greatperformancespbs

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There will always be more freedom to acquire and more truth to uncover.

~ Joyce DiDonato