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2010 Dec 23. Layering

2010 Dec 02. “Is there an “off switch” for this thing?”, she asked about her brain

2010 Nov 20. Process

2010 Nov 06. Ja Ja

2010 Oct 27. Happy Autumn!

2010 Oct 14. Teachers, Olivia Newton-John, and Speaking Up

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2010 Sep 26. One of those weeks

2010 Sep 22. Please excuse the digression, but I feel I must…

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2010 Aug 20. Salzburg Recap

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2010 Aug 13. Austrian Photo Safari – looking up!

2010 Aug 12. Why rain is good

2010 Aug 10. Worst accompanying photos EVER, but it’s the best I can do for the moment!

2010 Aug 09. Look, Norma…

2010 Aug 08. The kitchen is open!

2010 Aug 06. It’s a November release, Baby!!!

2010 Aug 04. Too beautiful

2010 Aug 03. Opposing views

2010 Aug 02. Let the Tweets begin!

2010 Aug 01. Getting back into the swing of things

2010 Jul 28. Parting thoughts, secret looks, and invitations!

2010 Jul 20. Heating things up

2010 Jul 16. Another immense loss.

2010 Jul 15. Sir Charles

2010 Jul 09. Striking

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2010 Jun 20. Parisian Photo Safari

2010 Jun 11. The 411

2010 Jun 06. Truth

2010 May 30. Imagination and Gratitude – a tidbit for the aspiring young artists

2010 May 27. Every once in awhile…

2010 May 13. Lightening up!

2010 May 08. Breaking it down

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2010 May 02. Wisdom

2010 Apr 28. Music! Music! Music!

2010 Apr 25. Running Through

2010 Apr 18. A lady on a lake

2010 Apr 06. Thought for a day

2010 Apr 02. Themes

2010 Mar 31. Introducing….

2010 Mar 27. Parting = Sweet Sorrow. Indeed.

2010 Mar 03. Hard Drive Hospital

2010 Feb 27. The Miraculous Universal Language

2010 Feb 13. Ah tutti contenti…

2010 Feb 04. Those details wherein lies the devil!

2010 Feb 03. Karma!!!

2010 Feb 02. Loving it

2010 Jan 23. Good planning!

2010 Jan 23. Music heals

2010 Jan 18. "That’s Amore!!"

2010 Jan 07. “On the wings of love…”

2010 Jan 06. Into the blind night

2010 Jan 05. You call this mercy?

2010 Jan 04. Aaaaaa…

2010 Jan 02. Happy New Year!

2009 Dec 24. A holiday full of thanks

2009 Dec 18. Opera News Awards

2009 Dec 07. Rainy days and Mondays…

2009 Dec 01. Perspective!

2009 Nov 22. Breathing…

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17 Aug

Exquisite partners in every way .... !

15 Aug

I know it's been a hot summer, but I hope you all can stand to embrace "Into the Fire" ~ it was a great joy for us…

14 Aug

Such a meaningful, transformative project! #LISTEN

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I am *THRILLED* to let you know that “Shakuntala” - the first preview track of my new album "Into the Fire” has just been released on @AppleMusic and @Spotify. 🎧 Listen to it here: 🔗link in bio. Recorded live at the iconic Wigmore Hall, this recital with my treasured partners, the Brentano Quartet, was conceived around Jake Heggie’s song cycle "Camille Claudel: Into the Fire", a work written for me. Jake is not only a brilliant composer but he has also been a dear friend for many years. This new recording is truly one of most moving projects I’ve ever been part of and I hope will enjoy it. When Camille utters, “Thank you for remembering me” at the conclusion of this beautiful cycle, it is my hope that we not only remember her, but that we vigorously honor her genius and her vision, as well. @warner_classics . . . Photo: @chrissingerme Design: @lennysstudio #camilleclaudel #wigmorehall #brentanoquartet #joycedidonato #jakeheggie #strauss #debussy #lekeu

How to #paella, 101. #summerlovin #hadmesomerice #gambasforever

🎈 I can't even begin to describe how excited I am about the upcoming release of “Songplay” on @warner_classics . It's a truly unique project that unites extraordinary musicians from the worlds of opera, jazz, and tango in the pure pleasure of improvisation, experimentation, and exchange. Together we create our own musical language, surprising listeners with timeless melodies transformed and universal stories retold over centuries; songs in English, in Italian and – naturally – in the universal language of music. I had one of the most exhilarating musical weeks of my life recording the album #Songplay with a world-class band. Trust me: you’re going to remember each one of these guys! It’s an incredible family of musicians – bass, piano, trumpet, drums and bandoneon. We have essentially created our own sound-world, fusing together music from the Baroque era and classics from the jazz world – with a few other surprises tossed in,’ explains Joyce. ‘We’ve all let down our guard (some of us have even let down our hair) and we’ve each expanded the musical traditions that we have come from to create our own style for this album. It’s joyful, it’s exuberant, it celebrates great music, and it shines a spotlight on the timeless nature of a great song. I hope you’ll want to hear this album over and over, and will grow to appreciate the value of playing with a song! #Songplay - coming to you in February 2019. Stay tuned! Photo: @chrissingerme

Who doesn’t love a lady who lives life without apology? #TheFlorenceFoaterJenkinsStory is available NOW on Amazon Prime in the US and UK. At the end of our filming, I had a profound, new level of admiration and love for this astonishing and complex Lady. I believe you will, as well ... #watchnow @primevideouk @primevideo


So happy to be back in #Paris for tonight’s #BastilleDay Concert at the #tourdeiffel. #liberté #egalité #fraternité

I love beginnings. What an inspiring day, yesterday, with dear @nezetseguin, as we begin a new journey, oh DO, stay tuned! #newadventure #themezzoandthemaestro #summerlovin #badenbadenbliss #anticipation

Summer lovin’, has me a bla-hast .....

Leaving Athens with the fullest of hearts, having met these extraordinary - and I do mean EXTRAORDINARY - young men in Athens. They played and sang for me and with me, along with many other beautiful young people, and they deserve every single opportunity in the world. Thank you, boys, for bringing such beauty, joy, love, and peace to me! We will meet again! @alabrasabdullah @pouya.pouya.372 @vic_palazzo2004 #skaramagascamp @elsistemagreece

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There will always be more freedom to acquire and more truth to uncover.

~ Joyce DiDonato