On December 5 and 6, Joyce DiDonato presents her “Into the Light” program at Teatro Colón with her wonderful colleagues, pianist Craig Terry and bandoneón Lautaro Greco. The program features arias from Rossini’s Giovanna d’Arco and Handel’s Theodora, which Ms. DiDonato recently received critical acclaim for her portrayal of Irene, the confidante of the titular Christian martyr, on her European tour of the Baroque oratorio:

“It would be vain to ignore the fact that the stage is dominated by the almost overwhelming presence of Joyce DiDonato. Physical presence, on the one hand, notably in the visual communication maintained with the choir, whose different interventions she seems to control from a distance. Vocal presence, on the other hand, so much the mezzo impresses by the depth of her commitment, the absolute mastery of her singing, the imagination and the audacity of her ornaments. Dramatic presence, one would have to add, by the incredible projection of the text, which seems to take all its sense. From a character of little theatrical interest, she ends up being the pillar of the work.” (Res Musica)

Also on the program are songs by Purcell, Wagner and popular songs by Louis Guglielmi / Edith Piaf and Richard Rodgers / Lorenz Hart. Learn more about the program via Mozarteum Argentino.

Photo: Salva López