During the 2020/21 season, Joyce DiDonato will partner with the University of Michigan for her new digital residency. As the novel coronavirus continues to pose a severe threat to public health around the world, UMS has both a unique opportunity and responsibility to continue delivering on the promise of our mission — to engage their audiences with exceptional and compelling artistic and educational offerings.

Joyce’s digital residency will feature a range of activities, including unique performance experiences, art made specifically for the digital frame, an inside look into the creative process through new works in development, plus casual interactions with audiences (interviews, mini-performances, viewing parties, and more). Many of these projects may find their way to UMS stages in future seasons. Additional project details will be announced in the coming months. Erato-Warner Classics, the exclusive label of Joyce DiDonato, is proud to be associated with this innovative project.

Learn more about Joyce DiDonato’s digital residency with the University of Michigan, here.

Photo: Simon Pauly