La Damnation de Faust / Palais des Congrès, Strasbourg

“…to have DiDonato on hand, a Marguerite of marvellous elegance and vulnerability, close to delirium in her last scene, an emotion the whole audience could partake in when it was all over.”

The Times

“Despite the gorgeous aria “D’amour l’ardente flamme”, beautifully duetted with Jean-Michel Crétet’s cor anglais obbligato, Marguerite doesn’t have an especially large role in proceedings. But that didn’t stop Joyce DiDonato getting star billing here. Her Marguerite was mellifluously sung, cooing in the love duet, her mezzo fluttering softly at the top.”


“Marguerite is a relatively small role, but her two arias are corkers. I have to confess that my ideal in the role is a dramatic singer like Regine Crespin, Joyce DiDonato brought a different approach, more intimate, more delicate. This was an intimate characterful performance, sung with plangent tone, which brought out Marguerite’s naivety and youthfulness. The converse was that there were moments in ‘D’amour l’ardente flamme’ that I wanted to sear but didn’t, DiDonato has a way of shading off high notes which gave the music a lovely shape.”

Planet Hugill

“Joyce DiDonato a abordé le rôle de Marguerite de La Damnation au Festival de Pâques de Baden-Baden sous la direction de Sir Simon Rattle il y a 4 ans. Son chant sensuel et solide sur toute la tessiture, d’une clarté affirmée, apparaît constamment expressif… Elle brille de façon irrésistible dans la ballade du Roi de Thulé (avec l’accompagnement d’un altiste hors pair, Benjamin Boura) et plus encore dans son deuxième air D’amour l’ardente flamme… la cantatrice force le respect et exerce même une certaine fascination.”


“Comme à Baden-Baden en 2015, Joyce DiDonato incarne une somptueuse Marguerite, plus intérieure peut-être, plus rêveuse, plus mélancolique (« La Ballade du Roi de Thulé ») mais toujours aussi incandescente et engagée (le duo avec Faust ou « D’amour, l’ardente flamme »). Le fin vibratello confère à ses aigus un supplément d’âme et de ferveur.”

Res Music

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And just like *that* - right into the middle of a technicolor world!! Elated to be in #Bogotá for the first time an…

12 Oct

Indeed it was....improvising gorgeously on the cornetto! Pure magic!

12 Oct

This makes my year!!!!

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And just like *that* - right into the middle of a technicolor world!! Elated to be in #Bogotá for the first time and ready to launch our final tour of #InWarAndPeace throughout South & North America starting at the @teatromayor On Wednesday. Stay tuned...this is going to be deeply special!

“Grazie, London.” Thanks for the wicked, wonderful memories!!! #Agrippina

What an indescribable joy it has been to bring the many faces of #Agrippina to life here at the @royaloperahouse with such an extraordinary cast, crew, and team-at-large for such fantastic audiences! I’ve been well aware from the first day that this was an instance of “as good as it gets”. Luckily, I get to spend a lot of time with this powerhouse this season ... so while it’s “goodbye” for now, I shall return to the quest for the throne shortly! 😎 PS As if we needed reminding: #absolutepowercorruptsabsolutely Photo: Bill Cooper / ROH

So. Many. Thoughts! Like how hard it is to think that we only have 2 shows left in this incredibly special run of #RohAgrippina! How time flies when you’re grasping for all that power! Photo: Bill Cooper / ROH

Wishing each of you a beautiful, restorative Sunday . . . ❤️

I’m elated to bring to you my most treasured vocal tracks. These are the things I turn to when I’m looking for more beauty in my life. Listen to my hand-picked pieces from across the ages that showcase the full expressive power of the human voice on @applemusic. Enjoy!! 🔗 Link in bio.

Having the time of my life at the @royaloperahouse with this timely monster of a role. Still boggles my mind how fortunate I am to take such wild journeys on the stage! Photo: Bill Cooper / ROH

What a gift to sing Handel’s #Agrippina for the @royaloperahouse and you gorgeous #London Public!! I’m already sad to think we only have 4 more performances left! #catchusifyoucan #absolutepowercorruptsabsolutely Thank you, Marcin, for this lovely souvenir of the curtain call 😎

After the intensive and wonderful journey to get #Agrippina up on her feet, full of her manipulative and cruel machinations, what a joy to return to #nature in all Her restorative, healing, “real world” glory. Aaaaahhhhhhh......

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