Great Performances at the Met – PBS Broadcast: Bellini’s ‘Norma’ Season 12 of Great Performances at the Met begins with a new production of Bellini’s masterpiece about a woman scorned, conducted by Carlo RizziNorma stars Sondra Radvanovsky as the titlular druid high priestess, opposite Joyce DiDonato as Norma’s new rival and Joseph Calleja as her unfaithful lover – a casting dream for bel canto fans.

Premieres nationwide Friday, January 26 at 9 p.m. on PBS
Encore presentation Sunday, January 28 at 12 p.m. on PBS (check local listings)

Sir David McVicar’s production is set deep in a forest where druids and warriors seek revenge against the conquering Romans. Norma is scorned by the Roman proconsul Pollione, with whom she has two children. Her kindness turns to fury when she discovers that Pollione has taken Adalgisa, a novice priestess, as his new lover. When Pollione loses his high rank in the army and is offered as a sacrifice, Norma promises him freedom under one condition. Soprano Susanna Phillips hosts the broadcast.


  1. Paul Arnaud said…

    Qu’elles seront les prochaines dates de diffusions pour l’ensemble des opéras de great performances du met pour 2018.j’aimerais avoir cedule ou la liste.


    it was breathtaking and exhilarating to hear the voice of the lady who sang NORMA. I am not really
    an Opera Buff although I enjoy certain arias of certain works.
    I sat there mesmerized and found myself deeply moved. I felt Norma’s anguish with every fiber of my
    I found the whole production extremely well done and had a hard time falling asleep.

    with lots of thanks and great admiration,
    Margarete Nolte.



  4. connie said…

    my recording did not get the very last drama after norma confronts the father of her children. Will this be available for viewing again?

  5. Isabelle Bedell.,MPH said…

    This was the first time I heard Sondra Ravanovsky sing. Her acting ability and voice are exceptional which made me enjoy Bellini’s “Norma” on PBS very much.

    With all due respect to her, has anyone ever heard overtones similar to Maria Callas’s voice as I did? Thank you.

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21 Mar

Recorded live in June 2017 at the magnificent teatroliceu in Barcelona, we are bringing this…

21 Mar

YAHOOOOO! I'll be there with BELLS on!!!! @AliceCoote ... LOVE that we can do this together!!!

21 Mar

I go back to the music. It quiets all the other noise. OR - I go to nature to get reconnected. That always jolts me…

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