From a small city in the suburbs of Kansas City to some of the world’s most prestigious music venues and stages: looking back, what have been the major challenges involved in this meteoric rise to fame and change of perspective?

An enormous challenge has been to manage the exhaustive travel and a life with very few roots in place.  But once I learned to embrace the lifestyle rather than battle with it, things fell into a very good rhythm and I can say that I really enjoy this life that brings to many surprising moments to me.

You have a wide repertoire that features different styles and composers such as Mozart, Rossini, R. Strauss, as well as roles from contemporary opera. Would you single out some composer(s) whose writing strikes you as particularly apt for the opera? 

At the end of the day I always return to Handel, whose psychological drama always arrests me in its depth and poignancy. These are roles that I can continuously return to and always find new angles and insights.

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