Metropolitan Opera 50th Anniversary Gala Concert

Joyce DiDonato and a starry roster of artists celebrate the Metropolitan Opera’s 50th Anniversary at Lincoln Center on May 7, in a staged performance highlighting the Met’s last half-century of unforgettable performances. Selections from Porgy and Bess, Samson et Dalila, Les Troyens, MetOpera.organd more will be featured on this not-to-be-missed programme. The evening also includes a post-concert dinner – visit to purchase tickets for both events.


  1. Dan said…

    Looks like a marvelous night – one that any opera fan would love to see and I will certainly tune in my XM Sirius (probably will need to sit in garage or drive around for a couple of hours) BUT tickets START at $950? I do not approve. Why do people think opera is snooty? Like a lot of things in our country we need more balance — especially for an art form that needs collective support from government and more people at large. Will opera die? If they keep doing stuff like this it will. Reach out to the real people — you know how to do it — I see many full houses for Metopera HD in my community. More Metopera ideas, less (i.e., never) minimal ticket prices at $950!

    • Yankeediva said…

      Dear Dan. Thank you for your reply. As a disclaimer, obviously, I am not the one who sets ticket prices, but I can contribute that this is a gala fundraiser for the Metropolitan Opera. It is designed to bring in big bucks over and above normal support so that the Met can continue to bring great, world class opera to the world. During the standard season, you can find ticket prices for all levels available to anyone in the vicinity. We could mention all the Saturday matinee broadcasts that are available for free, plus the additional broadcasts they make available via streaming and Sirius XM. Not to mention the now irreplaceable HD broadcasts where you can see live opera for under $25. I think the Met goes above and beyond to reach out to people and to bring them extraordinary experiences. This is a very special occasion, designed to celebrate, but also to raise necessary funds to keep the theater going. I could understand your point more if ticket prices were ALWAYS this expensive, but this is a one-off (“Superbowl”, if you will) experience and I for one hope it raises a TREMENDOUS amount of money for this beloved institution!! LOVE that you see full houses in your community – talk about outreach! – but we need nights like this to continue to make that possible! Thanks for your understanding! And hope you enjoy the (free!) broadcast! Cheers, Joyce

  2. Dan said…

    Thank you Joyce,

    I guess I do not fully appreciate the economics and fundraising angle to this thing. What do I know about funding opera? Not much. As far as the Superbowl analogy though I do not see it. You can bet on the Superbowl. I have never seen on over/under line posted in Las Vegas on anything related to opera. But it might be a good idea – like over/under on the number in the chorus or number of arias or number of bodies or high C’s or whatever. (I have seen odds posted on who will get through Dancing with the Stars though). Well, in any event I look forward to XM Sirius and I hope the Met makes gazillions. With that lineup I am sure they will.

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11 hours ago

We will remember it, as well!!

11 hours ago

Thank you, Nicola!

11 hours ago

Thank you so much, Steffi. We are so happy it was such a profound experience for you.

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What glorious human beings. It was he privilege of a lifetime to honor this amazing woman, Frederica Von Stade, recognizing the priceless contributions she makes to her community and to the world last night in San Francisco. Of course, it couldn’t have happened without the tireless and ever-inspiring Jake Heggie. I floated out of there convinced the love in that room (and the amazing young talent) can save the world!!! #ibelieve #musicismagic #SANFRANSISCOCOMMUNITYMUSICCENTER

What an unforgettable experience, bringing Massenet’s storybook opera #Cendrillon to the stage of the @metopera for the first time in its storied history. It has been a dream to sing about love while surrounded by so much of it - from the cast and crew, to the @metoperachorus, @metorchestra, to YOU the audience, who laughed and cried with us all. I’ll never tire of this story, a wonderful balm for the world. A billion thanks to everyone involved, most especially my #PrinceCharming, @alice.coote! #OperaIsMagic #happilyeverafter #firstandprobablylastmetstageselfie

#Cinderella #Red #Couture #OperaRocks #OperaFashion @metopera @metoperasupers @metoperachorus There are no words to describe the joy that has been this show. Merçi a tous!!!!!

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#cinders.......time to say goodbye.....😭😭😭

What a bunch of #disruptors!! Loved being honored as one of them last night at the inspiring @nationalsawdust gala. (It also felt like #prom with the tireless and innovative @arcostanzo!) And for the record? @esperanzaspalding is #everything. So is #TerrenceMcNally - as soulful a disruptor as ever there was!!!! @elenalumahai @tomkirdahy #creation #arttransforms #shakeyourselfupfromtheinside

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