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“Joyce DiDonato, Queen of the Night in Geneva!” (Bachtrack)

“Champagne and yes more champagne were needed to mark the 30th anniversary of the Circle of the Grand Theater of Geneva! Indeed, the performance of the American mezzo-soprano Joyce DiDonato would be breathtaking: sumptuousness of the timbre, sublime phrasing, vocally superlative and nevertheless without surprise, not preventing in any way a salutary relaxation, a simple and direct relation with the public, a generosity even in how to speak to us about the troubled times we are going through and the mistakes of humanity … a Diva yes, but committed.”

{Il fallait du champagne, et quel champagne, pour marquer le 30ème anniversaire du Cercle du Grand Théâtre de Genève ! Effectivement la prestation de la mezzo-soprano américaine Joyce DiDonato sera époustouflante : somptuosité du timbre, phrasés sublimes, vocalité superlative et néanmoins sans esbroufe, n’empêchant aucunement une décontraction salutaire, un rapport avec le public simple et direct, une générosité jusque dans sa manière de nous parler des temps troublés que nous traversons et des errements de l’humanité… Diva oui, mais engagée.}

Thomas Muller – Bachtrack

“After years of work to obtain the instrument with which one can manage to tell everything, to move a public, to be moved by oneself, as she must be enjoying to be able to take full advantage of it. This is the clear impression left by the mezzo-soprano Joyce DiDonato as soon as she launches a striking “Ai ceppi ed al supplizio …” from Ove t’aggiri, o barbaro by Giovanni Pacini. If her entrance on the theater stage, dressed in a long orange chiffon dress, immediately reveals the extraordinary charisma of the American, her first notes are of such intensity and such beauty. A burst of admiration, and at the same time they overwhelm us with emotion.”

{Après les années de travail pour obtenir l’instrument avec lequel on arrive à tout raconter, à émouvoir un public, à s’émouvoir soi-même, comme ce doit être jouissif de pouvoir en profiter pleinement. C’est l’impression évidente que laisse la mezzo-soprano Joyce DiDonato dès qu’elle lance un saisissant Ai ceppi ed al supplizio… de son Ove t’aggiri, o barbaro de Giovanni Pacini. Si son entrée sur la scène du théâtre, vêtue d’une longue robe de mousseline orange, révèle immédiatement l’extraordinaire charisme de l’Américaine, ses premières notes sont d’une telle intensité, d’une telle beauté et d’un tel éclat qu’elles forcent l’admiration en même temps qu’elles nous submergent d’émotion.}

Jacques Schmitt – ResMusica

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  1. Christine said…

    It was indeed a remarkable (and emotional) evening, that made me forget every minute of the 7 hr train ride form Innsbruck (Austria) to Geneva to attend the concert. What an experience to hear you live on stage – even when sitting far back in the audience hall. What ´good vibrations´ , makes you believe that music can change the world – at least a little bit. Many thanks for this wonderful concert !!!!!

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5 hours ago

This was a really fantastic afternoon with insanely talented young artists! Tune in to delve into some serious oper…

23 hours ago

I'm officially going to miss this very, very much....

20 Oct

#Resilience looks AMAZING on you all!! Toi toi you!!

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