Publicity Photos

Publicity Photos

“She glances at the photo, and the pilot light of memory flickers in her eyes.” ~ Frank Deford


  1. Steven said…

    Photos of you look fantastic! x

  2. Rich said…

    I agree with Steven. You do look fantastic. Also, “Great Job” as host of Faust live in HD yesterday (12/10/2011). You added a lot of grace, beauty, and information. You have a pleasant technique in the interviews. “Thanks” for adding so much to the experience!

  3. beverly kanig said…

    you hosted THE MERRY WINDOW and you were splendid- Noted your short hair cut which is super- where can I get—–or a photo of you with it. Bev

  4. Bruce Siegel said…

    Thanks for your autographed photo, I sincerely appreciate it….
    Bruce S.

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#Ariodante is in the house! @hjseries

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I left the theater last night a better musician and human. Thank you @YoYo_Ma @EdgarMeyerJr and @ChrisThile with th…

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We can't wait to be there!

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