Joyce joins Tony Award-winning Broadway star Laura Benati in performance at the Broadway Battles Bullying benefit in New York City on Monday, April 14 at 7pm. The Michael Morones Foundation’s mission is “to educate communities worldwide on the social development and well-being of our youth. The Foundation works to ensure children that they are loved while providing our youth support and equipping them with the necessary life skills to enjoy a successful life.”

Michael’s story: On January 23, an 11-year-old boy in North Carolina named Michael Morones attempted to hang himself from his bunk bed. He had been repeatedly and viciously bullied at school for his love of the My Little Pony TV series. This joyful and otherwise resilient boy had reached a moment when he felt taking his own life was the only solution. Michael was found in time to save his life, but not soon enough to prevent permanent and severe brain damage. Though it was originally unclear if Michael would make it out of the hospital, he is now undergoing rehab. The potential extent of his recovery remains unclear, but he will need ongoing managed care for the remainder of his life. More info & get tickets