The Drama Queens tour resumed to rave reviews and sold-out theaters, this time highlighting stops across Eastern Europe. One critic stated that “Joyce DiDonato’s concert at the Rudolfinum will long be remembered this evening” and that it “was a supreme experience and should be considered for the opera concert of the year.” (

“… singing without mannerisms, without sensationalism, in a way as if there, on the spot, the words we being invented and the notes sounding for the first time … Pure beauty, this evening at the Concertgebouw. One night only.” ~ Placer de l’Opera

From Bratislava’s TA3 “Bravo!”‘ program:

“Very few artists can keep an audience captivated with a program consisting mainly of da capo arias by obscure composers. Joyce DiDonato excelled at doing that. All along the evening, she demonstrated that, apart from impeccable musicianship and flawless vocal technique, she also possesses an exquisite sense of style and drama.” ~ Bachtrack

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