PBS Special – Homecoming: The Kansas City Symphony Presents Joyce DiDonato

Homecoming: The Kansas City Symphony Presents Joyce DiDonato will air in Kansas City on Friday, July 20 at 9pm on KCPT Channel 19.

Kansas City’s extraordinary new Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts provides the stunning backdrop for a performance/documentary profiling the Grammy Award-winning musicians of the Kansas City Symphony, their artistic director and conductor Michael Stern, and internationally celebrated and fellow Grammy Award-winning mezzo-soprano Joyce DiDonato. Follow as Joyce finishes up a run at the Metropolitan Opera and returns home to help celebrate her town’s glorious new Symphony Hall.

Download it on iTunes

The entire performance featured in the PBS Special, Homecoming: The Kansas City Symphony Presents Joyce DiDonato, will be available for audio download on iTunes on Tuesday, July 17.  Repertoire includes Rossini’s Giovanna d’Arco, Jake Heggie’s Deepest Desire and Arlen’s Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

Buy it online

DVD’s of the entire documentary will be available to purchase online at on July 20, 2012. Special features include: Homecoming 101 – A behind the scenes peek at the making of Homecoming and Deepest Desire – Composer Jake Heggie talks about Joyce DiDonato’s performance of his operatic works.


  1. Fred bonthuis said…

    Were van i Buyten THE cd special recorded for sale online?

    • Maude Larke said…

      You can buy the DVD on the Kansas City Symphony site (in video region 1 version, anyway).


  2. Reed said…

    I love your work Joyce, have respect for the KC Symphony, and the new hall looks nice. But I had to stop watching once it became clear that we were not to be allowed to *listen* to the music and enjoy the performances. It wasn’t a televised concert, it was the worst kind of “music documentary,” put together by people that had no regard for the performers, the composers or the listeners/viewers. What a wasted opportunity! Shame on PBS.

  3. Maude Larke said…

    SAW the excerpted version! (Couldn’t get a response from PBS about whether and how we could see it on the web during broadcast.) You were a REAL Joan, and believe me, we have “things” to compare you to over here, since it was her 600th birthday this year and SO much was done about it. You were really ready to conquer. And so good to finally hear the Heggie. Do bring it to Europe! I’d love to buy the DVD, but I’m waiting for the Symphony to tell me if they’ve prepared a Region 2 (Europe) version. We can’t read region 1 over here.

    ALWAYS powerful to hear you!


  4. Steven said…

    I totally agree with Reed. I just watched the Homecoming Documentary on PBS last night, and I was also disappointed and surpised that all the music was shown in “excerpts” format. None of the music on the concert was shown complete. What a shame and disappointment!

    I love your Handel Duet CD with Patrizia Ciofi. You are a wonderful and very gifted singer!

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