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I’m not sure if you noticed, but Ariodante has arrived in select cities (primarily France and the UK – USA, it’s coming to you in a few weeks!) It’s a most welcome release, because I’ve been eager for it to appear for well over a year now, seeing as we recorded it in January of 2010.

Well, fast foward many months, many roles, many cities, many planes, many adventures, and here I am back in the very spot of the recording ~ lovely Lunigo, outside of the even lovelier Venice (ah, so near, yet so far!)~  and am larynx-deep in this marvelous and endlessly fascinating role. Lo and behold, as I looked out my window this evening, this was waiting for me:

Propitious, no?

I have begun to catch my breath, but it won’t last for TOO long as there is an exciting tour looming ahead, not to mention revisiting my beloved Cendrillon ~ HOWEVER, I predict the myriad of tales and thoughts and insights that have passed through my mind might just make it to this very space before too long.  Months have passed, I am well aware, but as I’ve always said, writing is recreational for me, and my focus will always be on my performing. I’m afraid that aspect has demanded all of my resources of late, yet happily, the end is in site!

Ah, but before I go? It’s been an AMAZING few months! Thank you, to each of you, for your tremendous support!

Looking forward to seeing you, perhaps, in Baden Baden, Paris or London!



  1. Lola said…

    I will not miss Donna Leon introduction to Ariodante in Baden Baden… 🙂

  2. Squillo said…

    Ah, thou art cruel, Joyce. I’ve had a hard day, and was rather hoping to hear a bit of Ariodante, but now you tell me I must wait a few weeks simply because I have the misfortune (in this instance) of living in the Colonies.

    Any plans to record Cendrillon? I have (and adore) the Rudel set with my beloved Flicka, but a DiDonato set would make SUCH a nice addition to my library and would be a consolation for not being in London for the live performance. (DiDonato, Coote and Podles? Way to make a mezzofan squee!)

  3. Gi said…

    Paris! I’ll be in Paris, if all goes well. Can’t wait 🙂

  4. AliceP said…

    LONDON – I WILL BE THERE IN LONDON!! I still cannot believe I managed to get a returned ticket for this! I am THAT excited, Joyce! LOL

    One down, one to go – a little more luck needed in a month’s time!LOL But not greedy – just grateful I get this opportunity to hear you sing this role.


  5. Chris said…

    I see that you will be doing La Donna del Lago again, this time at La Scala with Florez, later this year. I am sure it will be a superb performance. I returned to You Tube to hear your Paris recital performance (with piano) of Tanti Affetti, but was sorely disappointed in that the long, tumultuous applause at the end was cut short. I enjoyed hearing the Parisian audience go wild at the end almost as much as the performance itself. There is little doubt that you are at the height of your powers; in my opinion, it would be impossible for you to get any better.

  6. Lenoble Martine said…

    Hello Joyce,

    I got to day the 3 CD Ariodante: quelle merveille!

    Now i can wait to monday in TCE…

    All my best.

    Martine L.

  7. Klassikfan said…

    Hi folks, I was lucky enough to attend yesterday’s first performance of ARIODANTE in Baden-Baden. It was simply breathtaking, especially when Joyce sang “Scherza infida” with tear drops glittering in her eyes (never heard this aria sung in such a heartbreaking manner) and when she brought the house down with “Doppo notte”. But the whole cast and the orchestra and the conductor were worth the trip – and of course Donna Leon’s introduction and Joyce’s patience and kindness at the stage door. Now I have got to dash and get this new CD box!!!

  8. Dana said…

    My friend will see you in Cendrillon in July, and I am so jealous of him 🙂 He doesn’t know you yet, because he is a Puccini/verismo dude, but I am sure that you will mesmerize him, and he will expand his horizon and will become a fan.

    Meanwhile enjoy Ariodante, as I can’t wait for the US release of the CD!

  9. Sarah said…

    Tomorrow night at the TCE!! I will look for the CD while I have a last few days in Paris. I am happy to hear that Donna Leon will be on stage for an introduction. I have waited for this evening for MONTHS! toi toi toi!!

  10. Michaela said…

    Dear Joyce, I was so lucky to hear you as Ariodante in Friday’s Baden-Baden performance. It was a wonderful evening, so thank you a lot for this!! With you I dared to try with my first full Baroque opera and I really listened to it with enjoyment. I had been afraid of falling asleep in advance as I had seen (rather: tried to see) a few Baroque operas in TV, but could never stick to the end. But Ariodante really surprised me, what a wonderful opera full of amazing melodic arias (not to forget the first duet Ginevra-Ariodante, which was just heavenly). My personal highlight was “Scherza, infida” which I already knew and which was just WOW. Your variations and your singing were so beautiful and full of emotion. This aria alone made my day and was worth travelling to Baden-Baden!!! THANK YOU 😀 Furthermore, it was very entertaining observing you when you just sat and listened and thus noticing HOW MUCH you worship and enjoy the music and your colleagues. I was very sad about not being able to come to know you at the stage door, but I hope to be able to do so in July at Don Giovanni 😉 Until then, thank you and congratulations for a wonderful evening and a perfect entrance into exploring more full Baroque operas 😀 Herzliche Grüße, Michaela aus Heidelberg

  11. Ian said…

    Dear Joyce,

    Couldn’t wait until Wednesday so went out and bought the CDs. What a treat we have in store. Then seven weeks later it’s Cendrillon at the ROH. In the words of the song “I must have done something good” to be able to hear you twice in 2 months!


  12. Susan said…

    You absolutely ROCKED the Theatre des Champs-Elysees last night. Your fellow mezzos had their moments, but the well-deserved ovations after “Scherza” and the two “Nottes” thundered for minutes. As the friend I went with, said, “It’s always worth going out of your way to hear Joyce DiDonato.”

  13. Klaus said…

    Dear Joyce,
    Ariodante in Baden-Baden was wonderful, I especially enjoyed your main characters singing, embellishments were incredible and you certainly got the well deserved applause as did all the other members of this almost perfect cast.
    I know you are reading this before publishing. So I dare to ask and also don’t mind if you don’t publish it, if it was just me having the feeling of or if you really lost your line in the da capo part of “Scherza infida” ? I think you did an incredible brave job finishing this aria with bravura, intelligent and wonderful embellishments and without most of the audience noticing anything at all.
    Anyway, driving down from Potsdam and back the next day was absolutely worth it just to hear YOU .Thank you so much.

  14. Anna O said…

    Dear Joyce,
    The Ariodante CDs arrived in the mail today, and it was definitely well worth the wait! Thank you and congratulations to you and the Complesso Barocco for this beautiful recording! Your ‘Scherza infida’ on this recording is so different from the one on the ‘Furore’ disc. I love both, but I think this new one expresses so well Ariodante’s anger and resentment, and is such a striking and heartbreaking contrast to ‘Con l’ali di costanza.’ It is incredible how powerfully music can convey emotions when performed this well! I wish I could come and hear the concerts too!

  15. Claire said…

    I don’t speak very well english so I continued in french because I know you speak very well but I hope you can read my words !
    J’ai eu le grand bonheur de vous entendre mardi 23 mai à Paris et cela a été un moment plus que merveilleux.
    Il n’y a pas de mot pour expliquer les sensations ressentis à l’écoute de votre voix et à celle de cette musique. Tout était parfait grâce à votre générosité, à votre bonheur d’être sur scène avec bien sûr les autres interprètes (surtout Mme Lemieux). Votre manière de savoir faire passer les sentiments est si magnifique : finesse, force, douceur, ardeur, tout y passe. Comment faites vous ? Qu’importe. L’essentiel est ailleurs ; vous le faites et cela doit rester ce merveilleux mystère que seule la musique est capable de procurer.
    C’est avec impatience que j’attends vos prochains concerts sur Paris.

    Thank you so much Miss DiDonato.

  16. worldclock said…

    Welcome coincidence – Joyce DiDonato – just great!

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