The night after … and, well … the night before!

I have about 8 blog postings lurking around in the frazzled corners of my muddled and over-excited brain at the moment, for which I hope to have time at some point in the not-too-distant-future to commit to cyberspace, for I most certainly don’t want to forget moments such as Sr. Helen’s spine-tingling phrase spoken before hundreds of patrons “Houston, I have been to your death chambers”, or Patrick Summers reminding us of the true definition of a star (“always present and burning bright whether we see it or not”) to describe Frederica von Stade at her farewell tribute after her final center-stage bow, or the devastating sensation of sharing her final cutoff with her on the stage and stammering to find my voice just afterwards to continue on with the show.

Yes, there are buckets of tales to share, but there is also a rather immense project waiting for me tomorrow night at the start of my recital tour here in Fort Worth, TX! Yee haw, indeed! So, not wanting to miss out on too many things, I hand it over to the best possible source, her most fabulous self, in order to help articulate in person some of the very numerous reasons that this lady is my hero. Indeed, she is a hero to the world, for she has single-handedly made this particular planet a much better place by her simple luminescent presence, and honestly, in the end, what more could we ever ask for? Please watch this and marvel at the generosity of spirit, the depth of wisdom and humility, and the simple love of life that permeates her every word. I know, I gush – I’m shameless, and I don’t care!

In the meantime, we’ve landed in Fort Worth and as you can see, the gorgeous Bass Hall (golden and center below) awaits us with its famed acoustics, and the rest of Texas, is, well – wide open and waiting! ( My accompanist is very excited to be in the area, having grown up in France watching DALLAS every Saturday Night. I love hearing him pronounce “JR” with a French accent!)


  1. Kyle Lockhart said…

    Very much looking forward to the recital. The new album, “Dead Man Walking” last week, and now a recital this week. I’m going to be disappointed next week with no DiDonato event to look forward to. Thanks for your work, you never fail to move me as a singer, writer, and amazing human being.

  2. nmlhats said…

    I as in the second row and your recital last night was absolutely splendid…enchanting, spectacular, delightful, luminous, just pick your adjectives. I hereby chastise all those who failed to brave the “wintry mix”, which didn’t even arrive till the wee hours of this morning. I hope VCF can afford to hire you again in the future, and that The Dallas Opera might have you on its radar (or already under contract) for a future role. Hope your flight got out today with little hassle or delay.

  3. Fleur du May said…

    Hello! I am finally here as well:)

    Just passing by to wish you Happy Birthday, may life bring you only sunny moments on your path.Lots of love and fulfillment in the beautiful musical field!

  4. Klassikfan said…

    Although it doesn’t quite fit to this posting – anyway. I’m still thrilled by your performance at the AIDS gala 2010 which was shown on German TV yesterday. And as it is still February 13 – so HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear Joyce!!! Best wishes and many more musical highlights to come! (You have promised to come to Munich in 2012 ;-))))

  5. KMW said…

    I very much enjoyed the recital in Santa Monica Friday evening. Unusual repertoire, making for an interesting program. (Suggestion: add program notes because of the unusual repertoire.) Program insert with texts and translations, lights high enough to read same; excellent! David Zobel’s playing was wonderful and the piano lid was up! More excellence. And, of course, the singing. Thank yyou.

  6. Chris Howell said…

    Thank you so much for sharing that video interview with Ms. Von Stade! Can’t help but see a little (or a LOT) of her personality and approach in you! passion ALWAYS!

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