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  1. Trevor Krueger said…

    Dear Miss DiDonato,

    My daughter just texted me to say you told her she was “amazing”. I have no idea what she did to deserve that – but thank you anyway, that was really very lovely of you.
    Her name is Zoe Krueger from the Armoury at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden.
    She would be very cross with me if she knew I’d secretly dropped you this line… but we proud Dad’s have to spill over sometimes!
    What a heavenly joy your voice is, I am so jealous that Zoe works with such incredible and glorious talent.

    Thank you again for your kinds words to Zoe and thank you for bringing such beauty to music!

    Respectfully yours

    Trevor C. Krueger

    • Yankeediva said…

      Dear Mr. Krueger,

      You’re daughter has made the MOST exquisite leather belt for my costume at the Royal Opera. The entire costume staff is agog over how intricate and beautiful it is, and how carefully it was crafted. She is a true artist. The costume designer also believes she could sell them for a very fine price, and I couldn’t agree more! She was, more importantly, incredibly professional and terribly nice. One would never know she was carrying around such artistic talent and excellence. You should be MOST proud! I’ll certainly be proud to wear it with Scottish Pride!!

      • Trevor Krueger said…

        Dear Miss DiDonato,

        Notwithstanding the fact that I am now toast! I might eventually forgive you for – blabbing!

        OK, now that I’ve forgiven you… I am indeed able to confirm my immense pride in Zoe’s abilities, I have no idea where she got her talent from…

        I’m delighted and thrilled that you are so pleased and I’m sure it will serve you well through each performance. Now you’ve made my day too!

        But if I wasn’t in trouble before I certainly am now! Still, might as well be hung for a Sheep as for a Lamb as they say.

        I’ve been enjoying your features on Youtube etc and your sense of fun so I know you won’t be offended by my light hearted notes.

        Thank you again for being so very lovely.

        Sincere regards

        Trevor Krueger

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17 mins ago

Mira, Norma .... and the rest of you, as well!! ;-)

10 hours ago

GREAT SCOTT! OUT NOW: an epic new piece by Jake Heggie and Terrence McNally, celebrating the world of Opera in gran…

11 hours ago

How beautiful! Thank you for sharing!!!

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