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Norma in Concert, The Salzburg Festival

Joyce DiDonato, stunning in a low-cut, belted, pale-blue sheath with a diamond bracelet and her blond locks worn up, was the true heroine of the evening. With its distinctive, earthy timbre, her voice has sufficient weight, rock-solid technique and elegant phrasing to make her a thrilling, perfect Adalgisa. Passionate and powerful, she is the rare intelligent artist who can take a repeated phrase such as “Deh! proteggimi, o Dio!” and make it mean something different each time.

– Larry Nash, Opera News, Novermber, 2012

La giovinetta en question sera la perle de la soirée, une Joyce DiDonato dans la totale possession de moyens étourdissants. Il est vrai que triompher en Adalgise tient du lieu commun. Mais ce délié, ce galbe, cette longueur, ce trille, cette messa di voce, voilà du chant, du pur, du vrai. Demain Norma.

– Ivan A. Alexandre, Diapason, August, 2010

Courtesy of The Salzburg Festival

A la tête de celle-ci, on admirera les débuts en Adalgise de Joyce DiDonato qui d’emblée s’impose comme l’une des plus grandes interprètes du rôle. A cheval sur les tessitures classiques de soprano et de mezzo, la chanteuse américaine conjugue un aigu libéré, offert sans forcer, et des graves bien ronds. On ne sait d’ailleurs que louer le plus : une technique parfaite qui lui permet de rendre justice aux difficultés de la partition, un souffle inépuisable, une musicalité hors paire qui traduit une intime compréhension de ce répertoire, ou encore une sensibilité dramatique exceptionnelle qui lui permet de composer un personnage de chair et de sang. En tous cas, pour un coup d’essai, c’est un coup de maître.

– Placido Carrerotti, Forum Opera, August, 2010

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It was special for us, as well!!

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Can we have a shout-out for brilliance, please? #shoutoutforbrilliance

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Thank you!!!

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🌈 50 years ago. So much progress. So far to go. While I wish I could be there in person to help ring in this momentous occasion, through music, memories, commitment, and connection we can all actually be united across the miles for this day! Hope everyone on the @metopera float sings out loud and clear for me, reminding us all that it’s not about tolerance, or acceptance - it’s about LOVE and EQUALITY FOR ALL! Pride on, People - PRIDE ON! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 watch the entire clip: 🔗link in bio.

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I arrive (nearly) to the end of this very full season, and it’s good moment to remind each of you reading this that YOU are the reason I travel the world, away from home for months at a time, working towards an unattainable perfection, exposed in ways very few people can imagine, singing the stories of characters searching for enlightenment/redemption/hope/relief/joy, and why I dedicate a large part of my life to this century’s old art form. I do it to entertain you at a minimum, but mostly to offer you comfort, to help us all join in a communal “event” that connects us across time and space despite our perceived differences, and I do it because I truly believe it makes the world a better place. I know you feel this most of the time as well. It’s likely what keeps bringing you back! I hope that after this season, perhaps you feel a bit more inspired to take what you receive as an audience member and activate that sensation in your own life, to bring hope and joy to the world around you. Don’t ever underestimate your power to do that - one doesn’t need the spotlight to bring transformation. #Songplay #Winterreise #Agrippina #Didon ✨

If this girl can do it, you can too!!!!!!! #belikeanant #heavyload #yourenevergivenanythingyoucanthandle #antsruletheworld #summerlovin

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